• yuval Posted: 10/13/2010 12:50pm PDT

    i absolutely agree. It will take a heck of a lot of miles to save the difference between a 15K small sedan and the 25K Hybrid. To say nought of a 44K Volt
    So if you want electric go a full electric, with swappable battery so that on long trips you can swap the depleted battary for a charged one
    Where can you get one of those make-sense marvels? in 2011 Denmark Israel and France. The States, it seems are happy to keep on shelling 550 billion dollars annualy to the Oil Shieks, while paying for those 50 percent of american military expenditures which go to secure the access to those Shieks and the sea lanes
    Kinda dumb, if you ask me. Because the company seeling those 5 seat mid-size sedans will install a charger in your garage as part of the service agreement. while Chevy will refer you to a 1000 dollar installer just so you can charge the Volt prior to going out to see a movie, and still, your E-range is so limited, you must stop in the gas station anyway.

  • Matt Posted: 10/13/2010 6:42am PDT

    People don't think through the whole process of buying in the hybrid/electric car bandwagon. Kind of like when people get married I would say.
    First and foremost going hybrid/electric means you have to go to your dealer for service. No more visits to your local garage for "check engine lights". Translation...higher dealing labor rates. How many people avoid going to the dealer unless they have to because of their prohibitive labor rates? If you plan on keeping your hybrid/electric car for 100K miles then trade it in ya going to take a big hit on resale value because the warranty of the batteries will be over. Who will want to buy a used hybrid/electric car when the know they might have to replace them at a 5k to 8k price tag? The cost of those batteries is going to come out of your trade in value. The dealer sure isn't going to take the hit!
    In other words that 50MPG feel good honeymoon will leave you wondering what was I thinking about feeling.