• isitagainstthelawtoargue avatar isitagainstthelawtoargue Posted: 9/24/2013 6:49pm PDT

    Performance sedans are interesting cats. They’re supposed to be sports cars, luxury cars, and multi person transportation devices, all at the same time. BMWs are supposed to be the gold standard. Well, I disagree.

    BMWs are great for 5 years, but they age fast and ugly like Keith Richards, and cost you a fortune at the same time. Even BMW owners acknowledge the reliability issues.

    The most bizarre thing about BMWs (and Audi’s as well) is that they continue to experience electrical system issues. Why do they have these problems, yet these problems are no where to be found in performance sedans from Asia? Well, at least BMW and Audi only have electrical system issues. Jaguars seem to have every type of issue.

  • font9a avatar font9a Posted: 7/1/2013 5:53pm PDT

    You know, Tom, if I may call you Tom; if that is your real name, you have a great point. It is just what we need. We definitely need 500+ horsepower in a lousy four-door sedan. Truly, if we only had 500+ horsepower in decent four-door sedans, where would we be? No where, that's where. To posit your point, I submit that we even need more 500+ lousy coupes to round out the picture for our families' needs – especially toting kiddos.

    I do wish I agreed with your point about these cars appealing to NFL and NBA players. However, you are misguided here. There is virtually no professional player on any NFL or NBA roster who would try to "out do" another in one of these cars. They are too pedestrian, too common-place, too mainstream, and too mild.

  • suzannekane avatar suzannekane Posted: 9/21/2010 9:35am PDT

    Tom - interesting points you bring up. But some consumers do want more horsepower in their purported family sedans, and luxury makes/models at that. I'm not saying that raw horsepower appeals or is necessary for everyone. And, just because the car has all those horses under the hood doesn't mean you have to use them -- but it's sure nice to know you've got them when you need them. The marketplace proves the winners and losers in the end. To each his own.

  • Tom Posted: 9/21/2010 7:40am PDT

    Just what we all need... 500+ horsepower in a lousy four-door sedan - to tote the kiddos around. These are the cars that appeal to NFL and NBA players who've got to out-do one another both on and off the playing surface... except, I don't think the Audi brand has the cred, yet, to pull that off.