• R2Dad Posted: 9/14/2010 8:22am PDT

    The 200 is not a bad-looking car, but there are two problems. Simply renaming a bad car doesn't erase the poor quality/value associated with the old car--it's still going to carry around that baggage if the new car is equally crap. Also, how does a car company turn on a dime, from developing crap to producing a world-class competitor? If what's being said is true, this 200 could be a winner. If so, who were the managers approving the previous garbage? Please tell us Chrysler/FIAT has purged these demons from their payrolls. Otherwise, we assume they got kicked upstairs where they will inflict further, irrevocable damage. Reputation does not change overnight--it must be slowly, painfully, expensively upgraded over time.

  • Rich Posted: 9/14/2010 8:22am PDT

    Those rear lights are NOT "close to the concept" at all. They are shaped in a more complicated manner, and there is a loud, tacky fake-chrome strip running between them. The front headlights have also been made less simple and elegant. Overall, the concept was understated, muscular and Germanic/upscale. From the sneak pics, it looks less like the concept and more like a Hyundai Sonata.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 9/14/2010 1:18pm PDT

    The folks who stripped the last Sebring to the bone were the Ceberus crowd and they are all gone.
    Will the press give the vastly improved 200, even with Sebring roots, a chance to prove that Chrysler is moving in the right direction? This 200 will have the new Mercedes/Chrysler developed "Pentastar" V-6 and a duel clutch transmission shortly. The whole car has been refreshed, tweaked and improved. The interior is all new and there is an improved dealer network to sell and service the 200.
    I'm ready to give the 200 a chance,are you?

  • former chrysler emp Posted: 11/18/2010 4:19pm PST

    It takes a lot of changes for things to stay the same. Who had brains left Chrysler 2 years ago. The rest of the idiots who designed, manufacture and bankrupt the company are still there. To bad for Marchionne, he can't fire the whole company. Now they are hiring at 1/2 price and the industry leftovers. Guess what....... same sh..t in different skin. I will buy Ford in the future. Any idiot with no debt and free money can run a car company better than this hypocrits from GM and Chrysler. My 2 cents......