• js Posted: 7/18/2010 11:57am PDT

    actually, the roof strength for the suzuki kizashi is 3.92, which is actually close to the minimum rating of good, which is 4.00

  • autoviz Posted: 6/21/2010 3:21pm PDT

    Very useful article.

  • eric wynalda Posted: 6/21/2010 2:28pm PDT

    How many cars don't pass the different types of safety tests?

  • Pessy Mist Posted: 6/21/2010 1:39pm PDT

    If complete-and-utter-disaster crash/safety results are so important, we should just all go to full fire suits, helmets, roll cages, and have safety workers with fire, ambulance and rescue tools stationed every few hundred yards along all roads. That's a Top Safety Pick that makes sense.
    Or, you could just realize that if you roll your car over (it actually takes a LOT to roll a car) you should expect to get hurt. And therefore, you will try very hard NOT to roll your car. But it's so much *easier* to just let the nanny state take care of it for you, and to keep texting, eating, and yakking on cellphones while driving, I guess.

  • Alex Posted: 6/21/2010 1:19pm PDT

    Thanks! I'd assume that new models are safer, but apparently not so.

  • Eric Berlin Posted: 6/21/2010 1:12pm PDT

    Strength of a car's roof against getting crushed -- good to think about in making a purchase !

  • Java Junkie Posted: 6/21/2010 12:15pm PDT

    Isn't Mercedes-Benz the commercial with the roll over demonstration?

  • ete Posted: 6/21/2010 12:00pm PDT

    Buyers should make sure to keep all 4 wheels on the ground.