• Tommy Ford Posted: 5/1/2010 12:58am PDT

    Great Info.. The ford 250 is going for a song. The insurance rates are lower at Switchmyinsurance.com because they compare all rates at once. Most people only check one company. The old 2005 Toyota tundra I had was an extra 1200.00 more per year. That is because out of the country parts are more expense.. My adivce check on insurance rates also. The ford 250 was such an easy decesion to make after I drove it.. Plus Built in the usa..

  • Axle Harrion Posted: 5/1/2010 12:23pm PDT

    Nice article and comments- On the f-250 for auto insurance in Utah my insurance rate is 562.45 with geico. Comparable f-250 with progressive 632.00. The truck is like night and day when comparing others like you said. You must get leather for the f-250. I can't think of another truck that even compares to the ford f-250.
    I used to have a 2004 nissan frontier.. Try 853.00 for 6 months for car insurance in Utah. Not a great deal. Ford is back- I just hope they come out with a f-100 soon.