• JKD Posted: 4/30/2010 2:12pm PDT

    A bit of gas money will not help Suzuki move these overpriced cars... While most of their cars are made in Japan and are mostly reliable, there are just too few dealers and the cars are just way too expensive (often a lot more than their superior competition) even with their symbolic rebates. It just doesn't make sense... $50 for anyone who sees a Suzuki or a Mitsubishi dealership first :-)

  • CamaroFan Posted: 5/1/2010 7:48pm PDT

    Anybody who chooses to buy a Suzuki because of a $450 rebate deserves to drive one.

  • Bryan Posted: 5/2/2010 11:12am PDT

    When you buy a Mitsubishi Lancer GTS from the year 2008 and on you buy a masterpiece. I own a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS and the car is a bargain. Great car and I also love the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi and the 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport. I would spend money on the Kizashi and get the best midsize car out there. Except the 2011 Mitsubishi Galant.

  • M6GT Posted: 5/3/2010 5:38pm PDT

    This is a nice incentive on an already great car that is priced under all of the competition already! For the past 8 years or so Suzuki has been establishing a reputation of "best bang for the buck", we saw that in the Aerio that came loaded with options the competition had to charge thousands of dollars more for. Same thing goes for the SX4, most affordable AWD car in America! And now the Kizashi, it's truely a bargain when you compare what you get for what you pay, you can't just do a vizual appraisal, you have to compare cars with what they are equipped with. Kizashi out-handles anything in it's catagory and for thousands of dollars less. This car just makes alot of sense! There are 3 Suzuki dealers within 20 miles of my house, time to go visit one :)