• colnago Posted: 4/8/2010 8:51am PDT

    what is the criteria laid out for potential bidders?
    I can't imagine rasertech qualifying to bid

  • Benevolus Posted: 4/8/2010 1:19pm PDT

    Why would GM want to sell HUMMER to a company that would compete with it in the plug-in hybrid business? It would only tend to show that GM mismanaged the brand.
    On the other hand, why would anybody who liked HUMMER the way it was (like me) want to buy a Greenie-Machine makeover of one? Part of the brand's allure was that its power, attitude, fuel consumption and off-road prowess were a deliberate poke in the eye at the Eco-Nazis.
    Wait ten years and I'll predict all the Hummers will be prized collectibles.

  • AutoCurious Posted: 4/8/2010 2:10pm PDT

    Wondering what an "acquisition" of Hummber means for GM vis a vis the true economics of a deal. I am assuming they are at the point of literally saying they'll pay the acquiring partner to take the asset - likely cheaper than shutting down completely. However, at one point, this paying folks to take your assets has to reach a point of becoming non-sensible.

  • Allan Posted: 4/8/2010 2:44pm PDT

    Am I missing something? Doesn't a Rocky Mountain company that wants to make Hummer a patriotic eco brand seem perfect? What's GM thinking?

  • fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 4/8/2010 6:50pm PDT

    Come on. When fuel gets back to $4/gallon this summer, everyone will understand why nobody except publicity seekers would want to keep these pigs alive.

  • rocket88 Posted: 4/8/2010 8:09pm PDT

    I really don't see that a hybrid H3 would be much competition for the Volt. Hybrid Tahoe yes that would be some competition but not a lot. I think they should just sell the H3 under the GMC banner. Maybe even put the H2 on a half ton chassis with a 4.5 Duramax. That wont work because like any good idea GM postponed (killed) the 4.5 Dmax.

  • Jason Posted: 4/9/2010 3:18am PDT

    I can't believe this. I don't think I'll ever buy another GM vehicle. As a taxpayer this makes me really angry. GM could not or chose not to build a green SUV and instead of selling the brand to viable buyer with this experience they decided to shut it down. This is bad for the industry, hurts the consumer, will result in layoffs and bad for the American economy. Shame on General Motors.

  • shredderofmass Posted: 4/13/2010 10:45am PDT

    Hey Benevolous, the day you get in an electric car or truck and snap your neck with silent torque you will realize that the electric car is the thing you always wanted.

  • Mr. D Posted: 4/13/2010 2:27pm PDT

    I must be missing something. Razer should see about jointly with Mahindra buying Hummer from GM. That way Mahindra can bring its small SUV's under the familiar Hummer name. They already clone fronts from Hummers and Jeeps on their offerings. GM would also have the confidence in and maybe more cash from a larger entity that way. My assumption is that GM is looking for the pay day that will come from the tax write off of Hummer. It could care less about the job losses and state's economies affected. Since we own 60% of GM, President Obama should just tell GM to make the sale to Raser, particularly since they will do what GM was to stubborn and dumb not to do -- making the Hummer more fuel efficient. Where is that business loving Utah delegation headed by Orrin Hatch when you want them to weigh in for a constituent. Oh, as usual, on the wrong side of an issue! Also, Senator Vitter is to busy chasing skirts to be worried about pursuing this angle to save jobs in Louisiana!