• Bigmingin avatar Bigmingin Posted: 7/23/2011 9:16am PDT

    Your article is quite accurate regarding the physical restrictions of this model. I too am tall, 6'5", and have been frustrated by my right leg jamming the center console stack and the inability to lower the seat without voiding my warranty with Lexus. As a result of this limitation, I have spent the past 9 months, since I purchased the HS 250h, in search of another hybrid with comparable features and at a comparable cost. Interestingly, this has resulted in a process that is comparable to "Sisyphus and his rock." Just when I think I've found a suitable alternative (MKZ, Sonata, Optima Hybrids), my harsh reality manifests. How do I justify trading an option-rich 250H purchased for $2K more than a loaded Prius for these other models?