• dave Posted: 1/12/2010 3:54am PST

    Future COTY

  • pam Posted: 2/11/2010 9:37pm PST

    Weight equals safetyt it is about time drivers realize that a lot of improving mpg comes from using lighter weight materials. Always check out the weight of equal size vehicles when shopping. My young, first time car buyer daughter and her friend were buying new cars at the same time. They looking at many makes and models that were near the same size. my daughters friend was gonna go with a car that got 6 miles more per gallon than the Ford Focus my daughter was looking at. When she told my just out of college daughter she too thought the extra gas savings would be great. My daughter and I went on line and discovered that the Focus weighed 1,200 more than the car her friend wanted (different manufacturer). My daughter would be on the highway for her 1st job and sure the gas savings would be nice. Her friend would be be driving on the interstate for her work. Long story short---I called the other girl's mom (also my friend). I told her mom of the weight difference and also the side airbags the ford focus had-- that the other vehicle didn't have-- for added protection. Now the end--both girls bought the focus --after the Dad's weighed into the decision and the concerns for safety. The other mom and I joked that perhaps if they choose a car made of paper it would get 100 Miles Per Gallon but we love our daughters and want them safe! Check the weight!!