• Kurt Posted: 1/9/2010 9:03am PST

    I think that the investment VW made in Suzuki is likely to expand its market share in China and other emerging micro-car markets. The Suzuki Swift is a brilliant micro-car in Europe and it's shocking that Suzuki never brought it our shores here in the U.S. It would fit well on our streets of Chicago. The car is darn cute in person, with a sporty edge that's uncommon in the micro-car class. Side Note: Do I even have to mention that Suzuki has never fully capitalized on the positive connection it could make between its sport bikes and its cars? Maybe VW's popular advertising dollars can fix this too.
    The Seat brand is interesting. You don't see many Seat vehicles in Euro countries except for Spain, where they are widely popular. They feel like a VW and the interior uses the same quality materials as a VW but their body and interior designs are for the most part original. Their current styling is more edgy than the typical VW and I have to say that I would buy a VW over a Seat any day because of it. The Seat brand is currently built in an eastern European country (Turkey I think?) where it's less costly to build. In the future, I could see Seat going the way of the Monk seal since every one of its cars has nearly a direct replacement model in the VW brand.