• davwayman avatar davwayman Posted: 8/4/2013 5:01pm PDT

    I would definitely go for the Nissan Frontier. Based from other reviews I read from sites like http://www.midwaynissandurham.ca, the Frontier's engine is very powerful and its design is very sleek.

  • susanavilon Posted: 3/18/2011 1:21am PDT

    i love this one.Nissan Frontier is the best compact truck which is suitable for almost every road condition. I just hope that NIssan frontier parts are not that hard to find.

  • Bear Posted: 7/25/2010 3:01pm PDT

    Sorry, Mr Jim Hamel, but you are talking out your backside and don't know what you are talking about ! The Nissan Frontiers AND the Suzuki Equators DRIVE & HANDLE just as Nice or Better than the Bigger Full Size Pickup Trucks ! And they ARE a whole lot Less in Cost! And easier to manage in heavy traffic conditions than the big boys ! AND they have better gas mileages than the big boys! You,Sir need to re-educate yourself !

  • Bear Posted: 7/25/2010 2:16pm PDT

    I totally disagree with the above posted article. The Frontier & Equator are identical trucks, BUT the Equator comes with the longer bed in the dual cab model than what the Fronteir does. my Son has a 2007 Nissan Frontier, dual cab 4WD, with the 5' bed that has the utility cargo trac, which I really like. I have drove it numerous times and it rides and handles just a nice as the Big Boys , But a Whole lot Cheaper in total COST when compared to the Full Size Trucks !

  • floyd Posted: 2/9/2010 10:44am PST

    Careful how you generalize. I have one of those 30K Frontiers(sticker price) and I am amazed at the quality and performance of this vehicle. I get 18mpg local and 24mpg hwy w/cruise and it is QUICK! Rides like a car and hauls anything the average person would need. Bought it for 3k less than any full sized truck I could find with the same equipment.(price a Silverado w/heated leather seats). Fits in the garage and looks great sitting next to my ALL ORIGINAL 1986 Nissan truck!

  • reader Posted: 1/3/2010 4:39pm PST

    Idiot author. There is still a significant difference between these mid-sized trucks and full sizes. For individuals shopping within a certain size constraint, one can not simply go up to full size just because these trucks are no longer the compact trucks of their predecessors.