• mel tuzmen Posted: 11/25/2009 7:05am PST

    Sincerely think this is good for The "New" GM. SAAB is a strong global brand and even a stronger one in Europe. SAAB brand's status carried no relevance what so ever to Hummer or Saturn under the GM umbrella; it is a well-rooted 'engineering oriented' name. The pull-out will certainly cause some cash flow problems for GM but if I were the GM, I would do everything to keep this brand. If the financials keep improving like they are for the last quarter then its not going to be a difficult task. SAAB does not require anything close to keeping OPEL; check out the numbers if u will... If GM decides or is forced not to keep SAAB, then my first guess is that the Chinese will come along rushing and bid even higher than Koenigsegg to buy it; then my second guess is that Penske, getting over his frustration with the Saturn deal may approach GM to sort out a deal. This is feasible for Penske as SAAB has its own/separate manufacturing & engineering facilities(not like Saturn's, fully attached to GM. I would do everything to keep SAAB ownership in the US and NEVER sell it to the Chinese. I do HOPE that Obama & the Auto Task Force will assess the situation in parallel terms to mine. Good for GM; good for the US Auto Industry..! /MT