• Meow Posted: 11/23/2009 8:54am PST

    "Sounds like Bob Lutz might need to refine Howie's message. " - I find this to be a very unfair statement. Model for model, GM (and Ford) are doing very well on fuel economy. This study does not account for the fact that GM and Ford's lineups have greater offerings in the large truck and SUV categories(what the American customers still want), whereas Honda and Hyundai (and to some extent Toyota) rely on their small cars (what the Asian market requires). Malibu vs Accord, Equinox vs CRV, Silverado vs ... GM has made a lot of progress, and this article seemingly denies this.

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 11/23/2009 9:56am PST

    @Meow: I agree with you -- and that's what I was hinting at when I suggested that Bob refine the message. Yes, GM cranks out some very fuel efficient vehicles, but it also offers rides for performance-minded folks (for whom fuel-efficiency is less of a concern) and those who want larger vehicles. I think Lutz could spin that into a very effective campaign, rather than trying to compete so heavily on just fuel-economy (especially since Honda is likely to latch on to the EPA rankings in its ads very quickly). As it is, it feels as if Honda is dictating the terms of the dialogue; GM has to change that if it wants to stand out.
    Also: I completely agree that GM has made progress, but it clearly has room for improvement -- especially with new EPA regulations set to be instituted next year.

  • oldsrocket88 Posted: 11/23/2009 7:32pm PST

    How does Honda make it as a full line manufacturer? I don't see how a mini van with a truck bed qualifies as a full size truck. At least Nissan & Toyota offer a real full size truck. Do any of the foreign brands offer full size vans in the USA? Didn't think so.