• Mr. D Posted: 11/16/2009 9:19am PST

    I am sure that they could promote someone already at GM into the job. If the new GM head does not like the salary cap he can hit the road too. The Japanese have no problem making these kinds of salaries and they have been a lot more successful than that bunch over at GM. At worst case Obama can just detail a Federal employee over there to the CFO position.

  • Tom L Posted: 11/11/2009 9:45am PST

    What's insane is that the boards of directors of these other companies are willing to pay such high salaries for "top talent".

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 11/11/2009 9:44am PST

    ...And what about someone moving up to the CFO position from a lower-paying one?
    Also: it's not unheard of for management to take lower-paying jobs (at least moderately lower-paying jobs) if they provide substantial, notable resume credits. Turning around a company like GM could provide such a credit.
    Again: just thoughts.

  • Stacy Posted: 11/11/2009 8:52am PST

    "Also, we have to wonder: if a potential CFO's ultimate criteria for taking the job is Big Money, is he/she necessarily a good fit for a struggling company like GM? And if the CFO-to-be is only persuaded by making dough, what does that say about his/her ethics and/or financial management skills?"
    Umm..ok. Everyone out there raise your hands if you're willing to leave a stable, well-paying job to go to a much lower-paying job with a less stable company. I would question the sanity of anyone who does that, much less someone who is supposed to make rational financial decisions for a company.