• Matthew Posted: 11/8/2009 9:06pm PST

    R2Dad, you make some good points. But, I think Jeep got over saturated with models and trying to appeal to EVERYONE possible. Thus, we got crap like the Liberty (the redesign is better), the Compass and I'm even going to say the Patriot. I cringe when I see someone driving one of those (heck, there are 3 of the older Liberty's that park at my apartment complex!). When this Fiat joined Chrysler, I figured Jeep would shed their newer models (sans the Commander and the NEW Liberty) and try at least something with Fiat's platform. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet. They should know the power of Jeep in America and it's devoted, if not die hard, customers/fans. They have to realize that success of the new company greatly depends on how they utilize Jeep, and I don't think they are that stupid.

  • R2Dad Posted: 11/8/2009 8:09pm PST

    Let's assume the Italians know why Jeep is a valuable brand, and know how Jeep has struggled for years to protect its brand by management that wants to water down the performance requirements of a real Jeep. Since the majority of the sales will still come from the US, wouldn't it make sense to allow Chrysler to provide the platform? I understand why FIAT would like to leverage their platforms, but Jeep has only been able to remain above water because of its reputation as the real deal. Despite poor quality, despite questionable design. If you take away its American-ness, it becomes just another small SUV, albeit lower tech than the competition. My read is that this is a bad move, designed to benefit the Italians without regard to Chrysler's long term recovery. This FIAT/Chrysler relationship is like a free membership to the gym--you don't value it because it's free.