• glen Posted: 11/16/2010 3:17pm PST

    Fiat sells more diesels than anyone in the world. Why wouldn't Chrysler take advantage of the fiat technology in diesel power plants. I firmly believe that bio- diesel from algae is the fuel of the future.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 10/28/2009 7:38am PDT

    Some good points Glen, but I think the energy lobby will slow any alternative energy development,on all fuels, until the oil companies have an effective monopoly on the entire product range. Notice how BP commercials fail to mention Atomic Energy in their commercials?
    To Chrysler. I read the WSJ article from which this report was most likely sourced and I believe it's faulty, not necessarily on product nominclature drop, but on market exit timing. To state that Chrysler will drop the Sebring might be true(I believe the name is tainted) but when? The implication is that it will be immediate, this is inaccurate. Chrysler is thinking about two mid-size platforms and a number of off-shoots for this market, which WILL include an Alfa Romeo based platform and perhaps a shortened LY, RWD/AWD Challenger based platform. The main point is that all replacements will be phased in and Fiat sourced platforms will have domestically Chrysler designed bodies and branding,very differentiated from their Italian cousins. A number of Alfa Romeos will be Jeep and Chrysler platform based,North American built, and part of the mix. Chrysler will move up-scale with Lancia influenced near-luxury offerings. Dodge will offer a wider range of sub-compacts and performance vehicles. The Journey size cross-over may replace the Caravan, hopefully with a diesel option,and I believe the Viper stays but with Italian power and influence. Look at the history of these two companies, the non-sale of the factory and it points to a better Viper,not an exit plan. But then I could be all wrong,again!

  • glen Posted: 10/27/2009 12:46pm PDT

    the american manufactures had better wake up on offering diesel engine options. they are much cleaner and quiter and offer 30% better fuel mileage and bio-diesel offers more possibilities than any fuel alternitives for the future. 250 different plant and tree in africa alone. 1800+ gal per acre of algae, 650 gal per acre from palm trees and only 45gpa from soy beans bio-diesel is cleaner or as clean as natural gas. i believe the future is in diesel engines as much as battries, fuel cells etc. diesel as a hybrid provides an additional 30% fuel consumption. so wake up america, the competition is going to make you look silly again.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 10/27/2009 8:34am PDT

    Oh my God I can't believe how much incorrect information is in this article,I just don't know where to begin. OK-- Fiat will not be selling Alfa Romeo branded cars in Chrysler show rooms. The Caliber, Patriot, Compass, Avenger, Sebring will all get refreshed and improved within 18 months. The PT Cruiser will continue in production and will likely be getting a Fiat based new version in a couple of years due to it's classic design and strong brand loyalty. I think the Nitro will be gone as well as the Commander. There will not only be a new 300 and Grand Cherokee shortly, but a new Charger and a new Durango based off the Jeep. The Mini vans will be freshened and replaced by a short wheelbase Dodge Caravan, and a distinctly styled, longer wheelbase Chrysler T&C. The Dodge will be more attractive in shorter wheelbase in Europe and expands the appeal in America. The infusion of Fiat technology into Chryslers will take place in a couple of years with distinctly American designed and branded products including compact, midsized and luxury cars, large commercial vans and perhaps a Ferarri powered Viper sports car AND MORE. I'm sure this is more accurate.