• Chip Daigle Posted: 10/17/2009 8:11pm PDT

    Having Flex Fuel Capability and using CE85 (Clean Ethanol made from Sugarcane) will reduce the carbon footprint of the Hummer by 2/3. It will be essentially be using very clean and renewable fuel. Now if only the Three Stooges (Obama, Reed, and Pelosi) will put a $1/Gallon Credit on E85 to get its sales going.

  • James Stephan Posted: 10/18/2009 1:58am PDT

    The Hummer Club Inc. - November 7 - Anza Borrego Day Run – Southern California.
    A full day driving some of the varied terrain of the area. A BBQ will follow in vista on Nov. 8. Check http://www.thehummerclubinc.com/ for latest detail. Only Hummer trucks can join. Day Run is free (club members only). For questions, contact jstephan@thehummerclubinc.com