• Truck auction Posted: 10/13/2009 10:03pm PDT

    Ford has more technology built into this truck than any of the competitors. And Tundra --- gosh if I were Toyota I'd be embarrased to admit it was mine!

  • The Nethead here Posted: 11/10/2009 7:44am PST

    RE: "...does this truck make sense for anything but off-road driving(?)."
    Valid question. Not mentioned in the brief review is that the Raptor has a 1020 pounds payload capacity and a 6000 pounds towing capacity--not as bountiful as those same capacities in other models of F-150, but still a lot. All the creature comforts are provided, as are the electronic baubles. Great brakes, great steering, and secure handling for the street were not compromised--and the solid structural integrity of all F-150s has likely been enhanced in the Raptor. Everything needed for safe, comfortable pavement truckin' is still there, plus omigod offroad performance never even approximated in a domestic pickup until now. Previously, SVT Lightnings emphasized pavement performance--SVT Raptors emphasize the dark side of The Force.