• Mr. D Posted: 10/6/2009 3:25pm PDT

    In reality Ford will not take a loss from its investment in Volvo. One has to look no further than the Taurus, Flex, MKT, Montego, and MKS. These vehicles are all Volvo S80 based. Also, rollover control, all wheel drive, and safety seating are also innovations from Volvo that are being utilized throughout Ford's lineup of cars and sport utility vehicles. Therefore, Ford sucked precious technology out of Volvo for its investment. Now that it has done this, it is time to cast Volvo overboard, instead of retaining it and enabling Volvo to build vehicles in the USA in underutilized or to be moth balled Ford plants. This would allow Volvo to be profitable while adding some more cash to Ford's bottom line; not to mention saving american jobs.