• Robert Posted: 9/11/2009 11:10am PDT

    Let me start with one comment: Just because something has been around forever doesn't make "classic"--it just makes it old. On the flip side, any vehicle model that has lasted through the past few years has to be at least a little bit special. The Ranger IS a nifty little vehicle. Good alternative to the massive F150.

  • R2Dad Posted: 9/11/2009 11:25am PDT

    I'm takin' the bait and runnin' with it--rant on! While I haven't seen the new version, I beg to differ, especially if this version is basically unchanged from the 2008 (which TCC rated 6.6). Ford may think that producing 40,000 units of anything is good. Unfortunately, the Tacoma and Sierra both have double that figure. $18K may sound like a bargain, but when Kia and the Indians decide they want somma that share, game's up. The reason why the BMW 3 series is still desirable, even though the model is 30 years old, is because the Germans improved it over time (a concept completely lost on Detroit). More performance, more features, attractive design, higher price. This is Business 101 and Mark Fields is saying, "that's a tough question", and "it's a challenge":
    This guy is a talking head and I'm offended. What I'm hearing is, "You idiot Americans will buy anything with a blue oval on it, even if it's total crap". Having owned lots of Ford products over the years (including a Ranger), and their stock, I'm glad Ford is rebounding from these trying times. But the days when you could find happy owners for vehicles like the Explorer, Windstar, Aspire, Contour, Probe, Town Car, Mercury anything, and stay in business, are over. Their lineup is still 6 sedans, 10 trucks and 2 "other". It's been 7 years since the MINI launched- where's their competitor? The only thing that could make things worse is if Ford hired Chris Bangle. OK, I'm done, I'll climb back down.

  • john_v avatar John Posted: 9/11/2009 12:10pm PDT

    Dates back to the mid-NINETIES? Feh! Not even close!
    No American vehicle even comes close in terms of "oldest doors in the business," though the old Dodge Van dated back to 1971 before it was replaced by the Sprinter.
    The three top contenders I can think of are:
    - Morgan 4/4 (UK): doors date back to mid-1930s
    - Hindustan Ambassador (India): mid-1950s Morris Oxford
    - VW CityGolf (S Africa): 1975 Mk I VW Golf (1975)
    Anyone got older candidates?

  • Joe G. Posted: 9/14/2009 6:12pm PDT

    Just placed my order for one! Only mini truck available, and it's AMERICAN.
    Hope more jump on this great little pickup.

  • Cars for sale Posted: 10/20/2009 12:26pm PDT

    Why no improved gas mileage? The truck market needs a compact truck with 4x4 that gets good gas mileage.