• Tim Posted: 7/18/2009 5:29am PDT

    I hope this bill passes. The dealers were unjustly eliminated. Peter Gradys excuse of a dealer network at 16 million units is bull. Twenty five years ago those dealers were in place and volumes were only 10-12 million units. In other articles he give numbers that combined would cost 533 million a year to support those extra 789 dealers (33m support/150m mrktg/1.4b in product dev-4yrs fot brands). Why don't they take that 533m ( one years expense) and divide it by the 165,000 cars the eliminated dealers sold in 2008 and give each dealer so much for each car they sold. Then maybe they will go away quietly -at least they will get something for all their investments.

  • jwhenry Posted: 7/20/2009 3:09am PDT

    For working trucks the rule is not based on the fuel efficieny. As long as it is manufactured before 2001 they all qualify
    but cannot be older than 25 years old.