• Bob Allen Posted: 7/13/2009 11:47am PDT

    The closed Dealers should absolutely have their voice heard and be allowed to reopen. GM was the company that ran itself into the ground - not the dealerships. If the dealership has poor financial management and isn't able to sell cars, they will close. If the dealerships bought the franchise, are able to sell cars and are financially stable enough to keep the doors open, GM should not be allowed to force their hardship on others.

  • MARK HOLMES Posted: 7/20/2009 12:49pm PDT

    Congress and the senate should pass this bill in landslide support.Not only do you give back dealers their stores you give back thousands of jobs that were lost.I still dont understand how GM and Chrysler think it costs them money to have these dealers stay open,when dealers pay for the cars they sell and pay for the parts they also sell to the public.DEALERS who can make it will make it,dealers who cant will go out of business just like any other business that fails.Taking away something that has been bought and paid for,and is not reimbursed for that product or service is not only unlawful but outright stealing.Give back these dealers there lively hood and give back hard working employees their jobs.Turn this total outrage into something positive for once,dont let a few mis managed,unforgiving,self proclaimed experts get their way.ITS TIME WE DO THE RIGHT THING!.I bet if you took a public poll on this,IT would have overwhelming support for this BILL!