• Van leasing Posted: 7/14/2009 2:59am PDT

    The client then pays a deposit and leasing fee in a regular basis.

  • patrick james Posted: 7/8/2009 7:58pm PDT

    You have some pretty good info but let me add a few things.... The Gm van is by far the safest of all these vans the newer models have some pretty good sfety features but the Ford received a 1 star out of five this year would you put your family in a van with 1 star...... ALso you mentioned tires but you never mentioned the age of tires we have done a study of church vans in Knoxville, TN and we found a large number of vans with tires over 6 years and 17% of the vans we checked had tires over 10years old... If you donot know how to tell the age of tires please go to my web site www.acfvats.org and look under tire safety and watch the video. I have been working with NHTSA for about 18mths on this subject because my 10 year old daughter was killed in one on July 17th, 2007. And yes the new vans have some great safety features but what about the 500,000 vans on the road today that have none of the features. The reality is these are dangerous vans nd if you are going to drive one you need to follow the safety guidlines we have on my web site under van safety link... If you have any questons please feel free to get in touch. And for all of you who have no idea about these vans ask yourself a few questions before you respond.
    1. What other car, van truck, suv when used for its purpose is more dangerous. When you put 15 people in these vans it is.
    2. What van, car, truck or suv has a warning every year during the spring. the van does.
    3. What car, van, truck or suv has more single car accidents with rollovers, none the van isthe leader of the pack.
    When I have visited Washington, Dc and I sit across from people they cannot debate with me because thes are the facts and everyone should know this. Sorry I get it is july and I get a little upset in July.