• shoracer1987 Posted: 9/10/2009 9:40pm PDT

    actually the first gen came with optional abs and the second gen it just came standard. if you dont believe me just look under the hood for a black box marked abs.... or in your owners manual..... or pretty much anywhere with specs

  • James Posted: 11/5/2009 12:59pm PST

    Hey, The new sho is slow. It gets 25 mpg and it only goes 132 mph with the gov. Its evan more disapointing than the V-8 modle SHO. They say V-8 horse power and v-6 gas but I think they got the two swithed. I love the 89 Modle SHO its is the perfect sleeper but this is a disapointment!!! The new G8 GT is fast Top speed,quarter mile,and only gets 1 less mpg than the new SHO! Thats the new SLEEPER in town. Ford needs to know that!!!!!!!!!!!