• PhotoRadarScam Posted: 6/2/2009 9:13am PDT

    The IIHS studies are questionable, as you have to wonder about the self-serving nature of their information. Many independent studies have shown that injuries and fatalities increase where (speed and red light) cameras are installed. http://PhotoRadarScam.com/lesssafe.php has a list of them. Officials in states like Maine are aware of these studies and act in their people's best interest, while the officials in other places can't resist the revenue and "easy" money which they hide under the guise of safety.
    One thing that is certain, is that the places the choose photo enforcement are chosing enforcement over engineering natural compliance. Such things such as proper light timing, setting speed limits to the 85th percentile, ensuring light visibility and proper and adequate signs go a long way to traffic safety. The problem is that these solutions don't generate any cashflow.