• R2dad Posted: 5/5/2009 8:20am PDT

    "Bestiality's best, boys, bestiality's best...."

    The gas tax is more straightforward, honest, and thus will never be approved by voters. We prefer our taxation as muddled as possible, subsidized with as much government/industry corruption as lawyers can muster.

  • Duane Koda Posted: 5/5/2009 8:42pm PDT


    This is not a good way to endear yourselves to the American public. Why not continue to offer a mix of vehicles and let the marketplace sort out what's popular and what isn't. An increased gasoline tax by whatever name you call it will be another burden on the American public's back. This action would come at a time we can ill afford since our ability to create wealth for a broad spectrum of society is severly limited. This is evident by observing the percentage of consumer goods we manufacture for our own use. That number currently stands at 12%. This lack of a manufacturing base has a very definate effect on our economy and most definitely hampers a recovery from our current situation.

  • Dean Dorssom Posted: 5/6/2009 7:19pm PDT

    "Gas Tax"

    This statement coming from someone who makes a mear $18 million Dollars a year after he and his CEO took an estimated 30% pay cut for the year 2009! This stupid S.O.B. is the example of whats wrong with American CEO's. I just hope he can make due on such a measley salary to get by! Maybe he can go back to the Federal Government and ask for more concessions from the only middle class left, which would be the UAW Workers? Just maybe you Fuckin' worthless Business Owners, can Draw Welfare to make up for 30 % loss of wages! Go to the consumers and tell them the reason your Fuckin cars are so HIGH is because of the UAW!!! I haven't met a UAW member yet that has remotely came close to making what you make in a year, let alone a LIFE TIME! Your a bunch of GREEDY COCKSUCKERS and I hope I see them in HELL!!!!!!

  • Syd Posted: 5/8/2009 4:12am PDT

    "Usage Tax "

    Usage tax is a fair way of taxing. Mr. Ford is right, lower gas prices won't change consumer behavior and reduce America's dependency on oil.
    More oil is enriching the middle east, plain and simple.