• Wildbluyonder11 Posted: 7/8/2009 4:06am PDT

    Texting is the dumbest thing ever, it's like taking a step backwards in communications. Why would I waste time typing out words (or portions of words) when I can just talk to you. Granted, texting does have its usefullness, perhaps if you're in a meeting or something like that. But while driving? Doesn't make sense at all. Just call and talk to the person. It's still distracting you from driving, but at least it keeps your eyes on the road. Texting, what's next, bring back morse code?

  • mbt shoes Posted: 8/11/2010 6:46pm PDT

    Why we choose MBT? Because MBT is completely different with many other shoes. MBT is very particular, it has a positive on the entire body, not just the feet. MBT shoes actives muscle tissue instead of undermining all of them. It is unstable, not stable. The only is curved, not flat.