• Mr. D Posted: 4/10/2009 4:56pm PDT

    "Revenge Would Be Sweet"

    Senator Corker the Weasel fought GM getting Federal loans to stay afloat. He like other Southern Republicans wanted GM to go into bankruptcy. He also fought the stimulus package that will provide benefits to the unemployed. Well, I believe that the chickens should come home to roost. Close the Spring Hill plant which is duplicative and let the workers relocate to Michigan or get on the Tennessee dole. When the non-relocating worker benefits run out, Weasel Corker and his Southern Republican cohorts can get these workers some good old Southern style non-union jobs. Remember Corker you reap what you sow! It is too late to sit up on your hind legs and beg now. It is unbecoming. Oh, on second thought, maybe it isn't for you. GM should also find a way to bring Corvette production to Michigan. That way you can move those workers and state taxes right out of Kentucky. That way you can slap another pair of Southern dopes in the face -- McConnell and Bunning who were lock step in opposing loans to GM and the stimulus package too. If GM initiates carrying these actions out, we may even see the true colors of these Senators. Can anyone see an earmark hidden somewhere in the upcoming budget to save Tennessee and Kentucky GM plants? If not, come next election time, Corker, McConnell, and Bunning will be holding their places in the unemployment line too.

  • Ron Stopfer Posted: 4/11/2009 5:25am PDT


    As a taxpayer into the system for almost 50 years, and never been a union worker, I find the bailouts, from every angle (bankers, wall street, Big-3, etc., etc., etc.) reprehensible. The powers in the house, senate and Oval Orifice now love the Komrad Karl Marx system of government so much they want to make ALL of us poor. So, bailout every hot dog stand, flower shop, auto maker, bank, every idiot who was so short-sighted they failed to understand the free market system of either being profitable, or you're free to collapse. To those who want bailouts, GO-TO-HELL!

  • James Bruce Posted: 4/11/2009 6:03am PDT

    "Get the Idea Yet, UAW?"

    I have bought many new cars (and used cars) in my life. The US cars used to be terrible, but are better now. BUT, they are horribly, horribly overpriced and not competitive with European and Asian cars with styling, comfort, and desirability. The unions have done to our country and our economy what world wars failed to do; bring the USA to her knees and are now seeking welfare dollars to further subsidize their $70+ per hour wages, early full retirements, top-of-the-line health benefits for life, longetivity pay increases, legacy benefits, 95% pay for unemployment (no limit on amount on this!), etc. NO OTHER AMERICANS RECEIVES THESE OBSCENE BENEFITS. To date, I/we car purchasers have paid for this baloney, but no more. UAW: Welcome to the "real" world! Welcome to those of us who do not have health benefits, retirement for life, annual Christmas bonus' for retirees of thousands of dollars, all at the expense of the TAX PAYERS! Welcome to reality, baby. Your greed and unwillingness to drop your pay, benefits, retirement, health care, and standard of living to something the rest of us could relate to now will have you unemployed, without "any" benefits or retirement, and you're in the tank with the rest of us. How refreshing that idea is to the rest of us ;-)