• David S Posted: 4/9/2009 6:26am PDT


    AMEN Anthony, amen!

  • anthony Posted: 4/8/2009 5:37pm PDT

    "Get Real"

    I must admit, that i am a little disappointed with the mileage, of the "pentastar" V6. Chrysler had touted this engine as best in class, in nvh and comparable in mileage to the Japanese manufacturers. However lets get something straight, this vehicle was not built off,of a Mercedes platform. Mercedes used Chrysler engineers, who know how to build a proper SUV; how many people remember that the first ML spent the first 5 yrs; On the lemon list. We keep selling our domestic auto manufacturers short. The rumor i hear in regards to the Diesel, is that Mercedes has been holding Chrysler's head to the wall in what they charge for their precious,engine. This has led to Chrysler, with Cummings developing or working on a small displacement diesel for the Ram and hopefully the new Jeep. So folks cut the company some slack, the govt is trying to kill them. Why else would they require so much of the Auto companies, and nothing of the bankers. Why have the German,Japanese and yes the Chinese governments given money to their auto industries, without conditions, but the American and Canadian governments demand that the companies must prove their viability. 100 yrs of existence isn't viability i guess. Wake up people while we bad mouth our own and buy Japanese cars that now are over rated,(look at Toyota's recall numbers worldwide over the past 5 yrs) please.. give the domestic a chance to prove themselves. They didn't create this problem by themselves,there was a lot of greed and avarice on every body's part. Management, dealers, executives etc. The workers only asked for fair pay for a fair days work. The Grand Cherokee is a far superior truck than before, cut Chrysler some slack. Their recall numbers were the lowest of any manufacturer last year, they have matched Toyota, in the time required to produce a vehicle, and it would appear the more they say the less the people hear. Go Chrysler GOOOOO..

  • Mr. D Posted: 4/8/2009 3:45pm PDT

    "With Jeep Still a Tin Ear"

    With the Grand Cherokee proposed revision, Chrysler still has a tin ear. Will they never learn from their existing problems? This SUV will be delivered with a fuel robbing city/highway rating of 13/19. This new Jeep is based on the Mercedes ML Platform. If Nardelli were smart, he would order up the Daimler available 204 HP, 369 pound/feet torque, 4 cylinder Bluetec CDI turbodiesel engine with its city/highway rating of 28/39 as the standard engine. This would be a way to get back into the game big time with an big SUV that delivers fuel efficiency better than all small SUVS and a lot of small cars. This engine can be built stateside to supply the Mercedes E-Class and the Jeep in an underused Chrysler plant once certified. The only issue is giving the Jeep some more time in the wind tunnel to drop the drag coefficient down to about .26 and for it to drop a little more weight to get it down to E-Class sedan weight.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 4/8/2009 7:54am PDT

    "Marriage Made In Hea+++ Detroit"

    This will be done and American workers and consumers will be the better, in the long run. I full expect that a merged Chrysler/Fiat will be a force in international manufacturing. The product synergies are excellent and the potential for market success, especially for Chrysler are enormous. Look at the just announced Jeep Grand Cherokee, its not only a domestic leader, it's arguably the best luxury SUV product in the world, if it hits it's quality targets. With un-biased reviews, it can offer incrediable market penertration world-wide for Chrysler/Fiat. The best is yret to come and this marriage made in, oh well, you get it.