• R2dad Posted: 4/7/2009 9:37am PDT

    "I'll take a dozen...."

    This is not a market-based solution to some pent-up demand. GM surveyed the political landscape and decided the only way to ensure a steady flow of dollars from Washington is to give the dominant party what they want. This is a green wet dream, the second of many more to come.

  • Brendan B. Posted: 4/7/2009 9:33pm PDT

    "Zenn and EESCAM"

    Get your facts straight Mr. Potter. Did you read what you typed. It's April 2009 and there is no CityZenn powered by EESTOR's ultracapacitor and there never will be.
    The original launch target for the highway capable CityZenn powered by EESTOR ultracapacitor/ceramic battery was scheduled for 2006. As of today it does not exist. Zenn's CEO Ian Clifford has been making excuses every year for the delay. No one outside EESTOR has seen the ceramic battery that is to power the CityZenn. Zenn's CEO Ian Clifford past automotive venture was a failure. Before he was involved with EESCAM, his Feel Good Cars (original name of CityZenn) was to be powered by hydrogen. The hydrogen powered FGC never materialized.
    TheCarConnection.com, Why don't you ask Mr. Dick Weir CEO of EESTOR to loan to you a prototype of the ceramic battery which meets the approved patent spec claims so you can test the unit? I can guarantee you Dick Weir will not loan you or any one else anything for testing.

  • R2dad Posted: 4/8/2009 10:26am PDT

    "in addition"

    Ultracapcitor or not, a fuel cell for autos may not be too far away:
    The Honda Clarity is already up and running:

  • Tim Posted: 4/8/2009 4:07pm PDT

    "Grand Pubah"

    This is the start of a good idea. But lots of people in big cities don't need to own a car. If the thing can drive itself and connects to the internet, why couldn't I use my cell phone to order one, to come to me, wherever I am?
    Several companies do this already, with small cars, in big cities, only You go to the car, the car doesn't come to you. Then you swipe your credit card on the windshield, and pay only for the time you use it. That way, cities need far fewer cars. There are a lot of cars that just sit idly most of the time. Lots of people, given a choice, between owning a car, with insurance, registration, mechanical problem hassles etc., and renting a car that comes to them, on an as-needed basis, would choose the latter.