• R2dad Posted: 4/2/2009 11:32am PDT

    "please note all the car lots full of hybrids"

    The only logical choice is the Converj. Toyota is break-even at best on their Prius, so in order to have any hope of making money they've got to charge a premium for a premium product. Since the lower-priced niche is full of competitors, a mid-priced, $30-35K offering could make sense. This isn't rocket science. There wouldn't be much volume for a car like that but at least GM wouldn't be cranking out oceans of cheap competitors to the Insite & Prius and losing money on each one (we already know how that business model crashed). That's a fools errand and certainly GM knows this--unless the goal is to stay hooked to the federal teat, in which case profitability comes second to socialist/green product planning goals.