• Ben Oliver Posted: 3/23/2009 12:40pm PDT


    I appreciate the article but i can tell the author is not a fan of Subaru. What gave it away was the comment "quirky all-wheel drive". Quirky would imply buggy, malfunctioning or not working properly. A supporter or unbiased writer would have just called it what it is. Symmetrical all-wheel drive. "Symmetrical" is very important. Its not a retrofit. Not a rear wheel with a new gearbox that redistributes power back to the front through a series of right angles and the addition of unnecessary moving parts and then called it all-wheel drive. Yes, I drive a Subaru. Yes, this car's ability to perform and respond saved the lives of me and my family. In my Subaru i don't fee safe... I feel protected.

  • Forester Dan Posted: 3/22/2009 11:13am PDT

    "Love really?"

    This makes me feel good. I have been a Subaru fan since I was a kid but I only got my first one this summer. Its a 98 Forester SE and it is a fantastic car. I cant wait till I get my WRX some day.