• Mr. D Posted: 3/10/2009 11:39am PDT

    "Next Up"

    This will certainly garner some sales. However, I believe that VW should produce clean diesel TDI and 2.0 Turbo gas versions of the Beetle with 4 motion (i.e., all wheel drive) to get even more sales.

  • mikedirectory2 Posted: 3/10/2009 2:21pm PDT


    Why? That's a lot of pink.

  • Richard Posted: 3/10/2009 9:07pm PDT


    Is no one going to ask what the hell Heidi Klum is doing, hawking this thing?

  • Wayne Posted: 3/11/2009 3:10am PDT


    This is just plain ugly. Well no one ever said that Barbie had taste. Did anyone also see the Fiat 500 Barbie edition for the 50th Anniversary, just as ugly as this....and just as pink