• rocket_88 Posted: 2/11/2009 7:49pm PST

    "Best MPG?"

    IF Ford and GM are getting 21mpg with their bigger and more powerfull V8s how does toyotas 20mpg give it "the best fuel efficiency of any V-8 in the full-size segment". I'm guessing it is just another lie from their ad agency.

  • DAVID S Posted: 2/12/2009 8:52am PST


    Toyota is still just playing catch up with the big 3 trucks. I thought ford had a platnium edition also at one time or another, again just copy cats. There sales will be nowhere near where Toyota wants them to be esp whith there quality and reliabilty suffering as of late.

  • colin Posted: 2/12/2009 2:36pm PST

    "the press release..."

    oops good call rocket_88 - you see what i get when i just power through the press release. having said that, Toyota probably means the best mpg given performance, power, and acceleration. I haven't driven it, but I imagine the new Toyota 4.6 will handily out-accelerate the Ford 4.6 and the GM 4.8 V-8s. And those trucks rely on lazy rear diffs and low rolling resistance tires for their economy, not fresh new engine designs. Still, you're right, 21mpg is higher than 20...but I'd still take the new tundra 4.6. Even without courtesy lighting or cruise control ;-)