• pdbw Posted: 1/28/2009 6:43am PST

    "Sorry, but color me skeptical..."

    More Alfas to the US? Swell, but what about the previously announced plans to launch the Alfa brand here in 2011--with what everyone has been assuming will be the 159, Brera, and Spider? BMW sold 12,000 1 Series last year--which means Alfa would be lucky to sell 6,000 149s. The fact that Automotive News competely ignored that previous announcement calls into question the validity of their source, and makes it sound more like hopeful speculation than actual news.

  • Reece Posted: 1/27/2009 5:11pm PST

    "Wake UP DC"

    This is th eproblem when politicians get involved in things they don't understand. The only hope for Chrysler's survival and that of its employees is to link up with an overseas manufacturer. Any US money will be used for the US market not the home market in Italy (where it is likely to get money from its own government). If they want Chrysler to make fuel effecient cars at a decent price and soon then it has to use existing drivetrains and since GM and OFrd won't give them their's they have to get from overseas.
    Thenpollies have to understand how things work, if not get out of it. This is why Nationalised businesses usualy are crap, polies want them to do things other than what they should.
    Let Chrysler make deals with Fiat, it is in everyone's favour, if not the taxpayers money already invested will be for naught.