• john Posted: 2/2/2009 7:35am PST

    "Tim - you are missing the point"

    Thank you for trying ethanol. You are disappointed because you thought it would be conscientious switch without penalty, but you felt the penalty (performance). What you should realize is that we have been living large on the environmental credit card, and now the bill has to be paid. We cut back, we sacrifice, just a little, for a long term payoff. It's not rewarding in the short term, but short term thinking usually leads to long term disaster.

  • Reece Posted: 1/22/2009 4:35pm PST

    "Another alternate fuel goes bust"

    As yet again economic reality hits and an alternative fuel goes down even with generous government help.
    In some senses this is sad, not for ethanol, it isn't a great product no matter what the spruikers say, butt hat it will cause investment in other, betetr and more promising alternate fules to stop. Ethanol on large scale doesn't work as it is currently based on food crops, requires a lot of energy to manufacture and provides less power and economy than petrol.
    However, there are other alternates in the pipeline such as cullosic ethanol that uses plant waste rather than food crops and genetically engineered bio-ethanol. Both of these need many more years of development and thus funding but will this happen int he economic downturn and the failure of ethanol (again).
    This is also a reflection of what happens when mob mentality hits investment, everyone jumps on board before things are properly tested or at market maturity, things fail and then people give up and chase the next greatest thing. The same is likely to happen to electric cars I predict. Reason is that it doesn't currently (other than inhybrid form) provide the range that people need. Real world tests on Tesla cars shows in real world driving they have about 25 to 50 mile range not 200. That they use power quickly yet takes a long time to replenish. With all this money rushing in, i it does fail then people will say electric cars are dead and move on. What is really needed is longer term thinking and waiting for the technology to mature the point it will deliver most of what it promises and people want.
    My view is that bio-engineered synthetic fuel will be the longer term solution but it is good 10 years from amturity, problem is the humand race gets bored quickly and looks for the next great thing rather than think things through.

  • Tim Estock Posted: 1/22/2009 1:32pm PST


    Do everyone a favor and shut down. When I get a tank of the 10% blend my gas milage goes south and it costs me more than buying just gas - What good is it?