• Johnny B. Posted: 1/14/2009 9:52am PST


    Chrysler will be gone by 2010. Why we are using public tax payer dollars to bail-out a privately owned company is beyond me. I don't even buy their crap and yet my taxes are used to help them survive. Here is a word of advise Chrysler and the Home Depot drop-out Nardelli. If you continue to make cars that no body wants you deserve to go out of business. It's called Capitolism idots.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 1/14/2009 1:24pm PST


    Well I guess it's up to me to defend Chrysler,again, against the misinformation and "correctness" gibberish. Colin, sorry but once more I must object to labeling the Patriot(segment sales leader) and Dodge Avenger as unworthy products. I was pleased that Road and Track gave the Avenger good(deservedly not great) marks in their auto-review. I drove one last summer and found it pretty good for the price and think the hate Chrysler mid-size frenzy is a case of one lazy reporter following another reporters' bent on panning anything "Chrysler". Much easier than risking being automotively un-"PC" and doing some honest evaluations. "The sky is falling,and Sebrings are ugly!" " Why don't the little people get it?"
    JohnnyB hey dude! Chrysler sold over a million vehicles world wide last year, make some GREAT product(Jeeps,Chargers, Challengers,300s,Ram truck(international "truck of the year" and the worlds best minivans). They have bitten the downsize bullet and are in a good position to weather the crisis effecting ALL manufacturers. Have you seen the 200C? Chrysler will be going stong and I hope you drive one soon,you might be pleasently surprised. Come on now Johnny, BE GOOD!

  • Reece Posted: 1/14/2009 2:35pm PST


    Mr you have to be joking right. Chrysler make very little decent product, the only people who are buying their stuff are a diminishing number of loyal Chrysler fans. Their sales are tanking worse than anyone elses. People can smell a dead fish and it is one. Jeep once made good, tough, practical off roaders. It now makes pale immitations of Chrysler products with awful interiors and poor workmanship.
    Without international partners it is not going to have the money to develop new products to an appropriate standard, it is that simple. Gm and Ford have the size to probably pull through this and their latest vehicles are a good sign. Ram international truck of the year is like calling the superbowl winners world champions, it is based on American idea not international. HAving said that they are nice trucks if you want something that big and fuel guzzling but most people will quickly realise they didn't need a truck that big.
    300 looks nice and mean, then you get in one and go OMG what a POS. The interior is truely awful and looks like it will fall apart any day. Charger/Challanger again look great but the handling quality is not of international standard.
    all luck to them but I would not be putting money on them surving long unless they get regular bailouts from the feds.

  • Colin Posted: 1/15/2009 11:06am PST

    "you'd buy avenger tooling?"

    Call me lazy, call me a bully...but can you honestly (Mr.) say that if you were the CEO of a car company, charged with making the wisest purchases and offering cutting-edge products in a horrible market, you'd buy up tooling for the Dodge Avenger or, say, the old Chrysler Neon? Perhaps a wise decision for a third-world country where the avenger would inded be a standout. But I think such a move would sink a competitor in the North American market faster than you can say "Chapter 7." Yes, the Avenger is adequate, smooth, decent, and lightyears beyond small-midsize cars the big three offered even ten years ago. But that doesn't make it a winner, competitive within its segment, or the kind of medicine that will shock a comatose patient back to life.