• Reece Posted: 12/17/2008 7:27pm PST

    Not sad by the demise of this car, there are only so many super sport cars you can have, especially in down turn in the market. More worrying is the idea that Honda will go even more conservative an dboring. They don't need a new NSX they need new integra or prelude or even CRX to give them some pep. But this seems less likely. I really hope all the new rules don't turn all manufacturers into Honda clones.

  • Anonymous Posted: 12/17/2008 8:49pm PST

    Reece: valid comment, but I'm very very sad. The last NSX had almost everything going for it except a world-class engine -- yes, the V6 made one of the loveliest noises in creation and punched well above its displacement class -- there's no doubt that chassis begged for a V8 or V10 to really give Corvette/911/F430/Gallardos a good scare. Now a presumably even better chassis finally gets the powerplant it deserves just to have The Suits bury it six-feet-under. Such a waste.
    Also, the reality is not that many manufacturers have turned into Honda clones, but Honda is turning into Toyota/Hyundai/Kia/Volkswagen/GM/Ford/Chrysler/everybody-else-whos-left-scraping-for-sales-and-cash. Only time will tell what the results of that corporate direction will bear once the worldwide economy improves.
    First the SUV boom, then skyrocketing fuel prices, now the US credit crisis. So goes the life of the sports car. Not fun stuff.

  • joe Posted: 12/18/2008 12:32am PST

    I wish Honda would dump the no-markup Fit. It's a guaranteed mininum commission for the salesmen who get stuck selling the damn thing.

  • gary Posted: 1/7/2009 5:26pm PST


    As a huge honda race fan starting with the glorious McClaren F-1 days with Prost and Senna, it truly saddens me to see Honda drop this project so late. Having a halo car to showcase your company's technological prowess is a huge pr move in my opinion. When I saw the first nsx with its V-tech V6 motor knowing the other lower models had the same Vtech technology. It was a big factor in buying honda cars. Now seeing nissan with its GTR and soon to be spec V and toyota with its LF-A, its very disheartening to see honda out of the mix.