• john Posted: 11/27/2010 12:29pm PST

    they forgot the best:
    the Veritas RS3, looks like an angry shark!

  • rat rod Posted: 12/8/2008 9:19pm PST

    #7 the rat rod I think is pretty cool

  • hesslei Posted: 11/26/2008 2:44am PST

    One of the coolest aspects of the fabric-covered BMW GINA concept car is a little subconscious. I’m sure I was not the only person who felt, at first sight, as though the car were glaring at me. The sharp hood resembles an angry robot staring you down with its icy eyes. This cyborg look gives the BMW model a futuristic style – something far more appealing than the silly grin of a Toyota Prius.
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  • Savoy Sison Posted: 11/25/2008 3:53pm PST

    Thats a great list. The granturismo looks nice.