• Ed Posted: 11/21/2008 1:29pm PST

    For the budget-challenged here, I think you should be able to buy that kitchy gold-silver "B" hood ornament for a few bucks (or at worst a few 100s) and a detailed 1:24 scale model for another $200.
    Then wait 15 years and about 75,000 miles and you can steal the dinosaur for $30 grand or less (in 2008 $)
    Or, if you just can't wait, you can pick up one of these old-fashiioned Turbo Rs of the 90s for peanuts right now.
    So, unimaginative autpowriters, SPARE US the "if you got to ask" tired cliches. There are MILLIONS of people that can AFFORD this POS, but only a few thousands will actually BUY IT, because its LUDICROUSLY overpriced, and does not drive even HALF as well as an S-class or esp. a 7-series (on which 7-series platform the next 'smaller'
    Rolls will be based, but sell at 3 times the 7's price).
    A fool and his $ are soon parted. This is Ed's "Separation THeorem". Only a damned fool will buy this POS new. On the contrary, if you have the cash, buy a Ferrari 430 or 460, it will actually APPRECIATE in value, instead of losing 90% of it in 10 years!!!!!!