• Three S197s Posted: 3/27/2009 6:15pm PDT

    "not quite my cup of tea...but not bad"

    chamfered rear bumper and tapered taillamps just do not say MUSTANG to me...the fronts Ok, but I think the flat topped headlights kinda opens up challenger copycat styling- but looks Ok.
    Interior is beautiful- excellent job there.
    Still wasnt overall enough for me to crave one- I waited many months after ordering- got a gt in dec 05, then the wife got a pony/auto(both vista blue), but the day after seeiing the 010 reveal, got another vista blue 09 gt stick to sit on till the 06 wears out...these are great cars, but to me the more 'modern' rearend on the 10 just isnt one I'd consider- let alone wait months for...no regrets on the others- great bang for the buck!

  • Dennis Posted: 2/11/2009 8:15am PST


    Yes, it is awesome to see that on pixels what more on the actual :)
    Have a great Mustang Parts Day.