• mineeds01 Posted: 4/10/2009 7:56pm PDT

    "Re: 2010 Ford Mustang: It's On"

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  • nelson Posted: 12/4/2008 1:58am PST

    the new mustang is nice the only down fall is that is producint as much horse power as a 6 cylinder chevrolet. if ford wants to stay in competition with dodge chevrolet they have to make the ford mustang gt atleast aroun 400 horse power. this way the mustang will stay close on competition with the other brands its comptiting with. thats the biggest downfall of the new mustang. just because of that i would prob buy a challenger instead of the new mustang. since the challenger has better porformance

  • go gangsta Posted: 11/19/2008 9:21pm PST

    You are all wrong,
    the new stang is a perfect match between smooth but muscly styling, just like the 65, which made it such a huge success with the ladies in those days. If you go too mean the new power chicks wont buy them, they will go for an audi or BM instead.
    The 2010 stang mimics the 69-71 model, I personally would buy one as it may be the last V8 stang and be a collectors item. I would make it more mean, bigger powerdome on the bonnet some strips and quad exausts dropped 3 inches off the ground with deep dish 20"'s.
    All of this will not doubt be available as third part suppliers will be getting ready to create kits for the new stangs. I never really fell in love with the 2005+ stangs, they looked a bit too angly and feature less body. The current stang is a lot more curvy and it has the sexy hips of the 69'ers. Great choice Ford. This is an internacional desin, stangs should be sold internationally - if you Yanks have heard of that term before - no offense.

  • Max Posted: 11/19/2008 6:04pm PST

    The majority of truck owners actually make a living with them. My '97 F-150 has 296,000 plus working miles and is still going strong. Write back when your BMW or Honda can say that.

  • Ed Posted: 11/19/2008 3:36pm PST

    Do NOT assume that OTHERS are DRUNK LOSERS like YOURSELF.
    UAW Idiot!

  • JKD Posted: 11/18/2008 1:49pm PST

    As far as the Mustangs go (and ignoring Ed's usual drunken bashing), they're cash cows and much cheaper (and reliable) than its competition.
    This enhanced new Mustang is very nice.

  • Ed Posted: 11/18/2008 1:33pm PST

    November 18th, 2008 - 11:15 am
    I could not agree less with ED in terms of HOME RUNS. So i guess over 400k annual production of Explorers during their hey day is not a home run. F 150 sales approaching 1 million units at its peak is not a home run.
    Neogher of the two had the impact the TAURUS had on FOrd's financial situation. AND the first Explorer was an EXECRABLE vehicle, narrow and unsafe, driven by morons who did not properly inflate their tires and rolled over to their DEATHS, see litigation.
    The 1 million F150: GM built even MORE full size trucks, but it never was No. 1 until very recently because it lists them under TWO labels, GMC and Chevy.
    Both GM and FOrd and Chrysler Pickups were laughable vehicles that most buyers did NOT need and their ABUSE led to the $4.50 gas prices last summer, and the funding of TERRORISTS by our own gas $!!!!
    I do NOT call these two atrocities home runs in my book, and you may disagree until the couws come home, but I STILL will not.
    " I think Toyota proved that companies do not need to sell hundred of thousands of a given model to be successful. "
    YOU MUST Be kidding!!!!! Both Honda AND Toyota sell 400,000 copies of Camrys, Accords, Civics and Corollas, total 1.6 MILLION for the four models here ONLY. THAT is the bread and butter PORFITABLE cash cows that ALLOWED them to waste $100 million in the stupid HYBRIDS that few need, and made the prius a success.
    They COULD NOT have done it without the CASH COWS HIGH VOLUME above 4 models.

  • JL Posted: 11/18/2008 12:15pm PST

    I could not agree less with ED in terms of HOME RUNS. So i guess over 400k annual production of Explorers during their hey day is not a home run. F 150 sales approaching 1 million units at its peak is not a home run. I think Toyota proved that companies do not need to sell hundred of thousands of a given model to be successful. A lot of Toyota's cars are about 100k or less in annual production and they are the most profitable car maker. I believe the Mustang was over hyped, but this article is missing some key factors I read from motortrend:
    Ford Racing will offer a dealer-installed supercharger that boosts power past 400 horses and preserves the Mustang's factory warranty.....A 3.31:1 rear-axle ratio will be standard, with a 3.55:1 optional and a 3.73:1 ratio part of a performance package.
    Camaro V8 starts around 32-33K. Hopefully Mustang will still be 25-26k for a GT. Add in the supercharger cost and I bet you are right there with Camaro in terms of price and horsepower. Then add in the 3.73 rear end and its over...at least in the straight line. I love both cars and i know you get IRS and a 6 speed with the Camaro but at a price.

  • Ed Posted: 11/18/2008 11:07am PST

    Ford has been wrong for th elast 22 years.
    The last tim ethey built a HOME RUN that can sell in any serious Numbers was in 1985 with the ORIGINAL Taurus.
    (that took them out of close to bankruptcy)
    And then proceeded to rape it in the secong Gen Taurus which was an EDSEL_Ugly atrocity, and wasted all the billions it made them in Silly Aquisitions of losers like Jaguar and Land Rover and VOlvo,
    Then it tried to rectify these losers by pumping TENS OF BILLIONS in them, instead of trying to produce even ONE half-decent Ford or Lincoln.
    Now they are hat in hand in the steps of Capitol Hill and WE, YOU AND ME, will PAY for their gross mismanagement.
    Bravo Ford, Indeed! MORONS!

  • Bert Behrens Posted: 11/18/2008 4:07am PST

    Bravo Ford! It scares me when companies see problems and instantly cut out their tounge. Marketing and these auto shows are the thing that will help keep them in business and are not really a cost to be cut. One should be more careful with the marketing dollar but to pull out of a major auto show in a market the size of most countries is just idiotic.
    Marketing is the only way anyone will ever find out that you are attempting to sell cars. How exactly does hiding your new products help your bottom line? I know, word of mouth that you pulled your display will surely make people want to come to your dealerships and buy the cars they didn't get a chance to see.
    Ford is right and I hope they continue to dump new products on the market and fast track some of the smaller cars to the US market. The new Mustang looks great but I do agree that it is lacking a bit in power. In this climate it won't matter to quite as many as it once did but the car magazines will run their head-to-head rematches and the Prancing Ford will find itself out to pasture in a hurry unless something changes before it hits dealers next year.

  • Olaf Tomiuk Posted: 11/18/2008 3:39am PST

    All this hype for what? Guys get paid huge bucks to sit around all day dreaming up their wildest fatasies for what a sports car should look like. At a time when Chrysler and Dodge are in the midst of bringing cars back into the market (although probably more expensive) I really expected Ford to bring something big forward. I gotta say I am extrememly disappointed to see very small and conservative changes to a model that has been out for nearly a decade especially when you google mustang 2010 and can see quite a few models out there that look considerably better (not the one done by that Italian designer BTW). I don't know who the "mastermind" is behind this project, but he/she really blew a great opportunity to boost Ford's sales, image and most of all profits in a time that they could really use them.