• Ed Posted: 10/26/2008 3:50pm PDT

    And they will fall much further still. Today I searched in a 10-mile radius from my Zip code and the min is $2.37. My tank is half full but I am not putting in any gas, I'll wait two more weeks and then I'll fill it when it's bone-dry.
    It has 22.5 gal capacity (usually I put in 21 or less), and now with the price way down, I can do it without having to use my CC twice.
    When it was $4, and given their $75 CC limit, I could only put about 19 gallons, and then it would slowly cut it off, which is really annoying, since I always calculate the accurate MPG between fillings and want to fill the tank all the way until the "click" sound is made.