• P K Posted: 12/5/2008 10:18pm PST

    I bought one of the first 2009 Challenger SEs in Oklahoma. Have been nothing but pleased with the gas mileage (21/29)and solid, tight feel. The build quality (very nicely equipped model with everything but the 40 Gig navigation) after driving 5000 miles in three months has been nothing short of phenomenal. The car crazy folks go absolutely nuts as they experience the first one in person up close and make nothing but positive comments whenever and wherever it is parked. The only thing that would make it truly outstanding would be a '70s Mopar pistol grip shifter.

  • reece Posted: 10/9/2008 7:14pm PDT

    I don' blame the dealers, they finaly have something that may sell so they have to take advantage of it, though if I was a buyer I'd wait a few months, let the those who just have to have it now rush in, once they start sitting on the lot for a few months the price will drop like a stone.

  • Ed Posted: 10/9/2008 5:13pm PDT

    Cute, but this retro theme is getting a bit long in the tooth.
    This will be a niche vehicle with insignificant sales numbers and profits,
    UNLESS they have a sroke of genius and stick a FUEL EFFICIENT, 4-cylinder (!!) Modern DIESEL under the hood,
    providing, with its huge torque, plenty of acceleration that a muscle car clone should have,
    and at the same time stellar fuel economy and longevity.

  • Bill Burke Posted: 10/9/2008 4:03pm PDT

    Tony, Looks like the Chrysler dealers in Canada are no different than those in N.Y. In the Metro-NYC area, these dealers are notorious for ripping off the buyer on any new Chrysler that is or is projected to be "HOT". Was quoted double (what I eventually paid) on my Crossfire on a lease when it first came out and was told all kinds of stories about limited availability,dealers fighting to get one and that I'd have to pay a premium to get one (if at all). Six months later I was in one with choice of color, equipment and half the lease payment. How many other Chryslers cooled off because of greedy dealers? Worst part about Chrysler? It's not product, it's the miserable dealers. I'd rather take my car to a ten year old than trust it to a dealer service shop, but that's another story. Tony, I hope you still buy that Challenger,it's a great car.

  • Tony D Posted: 10/9/2008 3:34pm PDT

    I looked at the first of these to show up at one of the two Chrysler stores in my small town in Canada. It was beautiful, but it stickered for over $32,000! The salesman said the base V8 would be in the mid forties! Hello! Guess I'll wait for the inevitable depresation and saturation of the market before I get one.

  • JKD Posted: 10/9/2008 11:57am PDT

    Give me standard side airbags and ABS or give me death!