• wkile Posted: 10/2/2008 7:28am PDT

    So I get the Hybrid thing. And I understand that Honda wants something less expensive than the Prius and the Civic hybrid. I also understand that people seem to feel that a Hybrid has to look different to be successful. Buy the one thing that I really don't understand is why Honda, who usually has decent, yet average design, made this thing look soooooooo much like the damn Prius. I kinda think that this Insight maybe on the market a short about of time like the first one.....

  • Ed Posted: 10/2/2008 8:08am PDT

    Actually this one does not look so much like the prius. It HAS to have similar lines to have similarly good aerodynamics (sloping roof), but both the front end and the rear end are 100% Honda, and the rear reminds of the old, failed Insight that may have got 68 and 70 MPG (old epa rules), but could only take 2 people, and had a combined cargo and people allowable weight of 365 lbs! It had plenty of SPACE for luggage, but did not allow the WEIGHT.
    This one will be priced below the prius, will have as good MPG as t he prius, and looks much better than the prius
    Honda will sell every one they can make, even if its SOB dealers charge over list for every one of them.
    Conclusion: if the production version is not much uglier than this concept (a big if), it will b ea home run
    PS Honda styling for almost 2 decades now has not been that great. VWS, and even the new Malibu from GM, look much better, but they suck reliability-wise and have not sold as well.

  • Frank Posted: 10/2/2008 12:03pm PDT

    I'm not quite sure who designed the front end of this thing, but they have managed to make it ugler than the current Audi line, which is quite a feat.
    This styling should also quiet the Volt critics, as the more pictures of the Volt I see the better it looks. It was somewhat niave to assume the Volt was going to look like the concept car, it didn't look very practical, low roof line, and ingress and egress didn't look very easy. So while the Volt is growing on me, I'm not sure this car is going to have the same effect.
    VW is not noted for it's quality, and that has been a factor for years.
    I'm not sure where the negativity on the current Malibu comes from. I've not seen any data/info to support that quality statement regarding the Malibu.
    Don't forget both Honda and Toyota has suffered significant quality problems in the last 2 years. In addition the Accord Hybrid was pulled altogether.
    As far as efficiency is concerned i believe the Prius still beats the Honda in the MPG race. If this car uses the current IMA Honda approach it don't see any reason to expect the Honda equaling or significantly beating the Prius. Also, the Camry Hybrid seems to be performing very well in the market place, both in sales and satisfaction.

  • Reece Posted: 10/2/2008 8:11pm PDT

    So they stuck a Honda nose on a Prius, wow way to go with the design!

  • Jim S. Posted: 10/3/2008 3:56am PDT

    Who left the front end designers out of the asylum? It may be the best thing since sliced bread, but UGLY!

  • Mark Posted: 10/3/2008 1:35pm PDT

    I like the use of digital displays on the interior console; nice job there. On a side note; why is the sign above the car in English if the show is in Paris?