• JKD Posted: 9/25/2008 11:47am PDT

    Ed - you need to start reading with understanding... People with Suzuki ATVs and motorcycles are the target group and it makes sense. It doesn't cost them much to rebadge and if they can sell it, it's the icing on the cake. The dealership may be closer, the price may be lower, and the warranty is much longer than Nissan's. There's always a reason for everything.

  • Ed Posted: 9/24/2008 12:22pm PDT

    WHY do we bother to look at this silly vehicle, which is a REBADGED FRAUD in the first place?
    Just say it is a Nissan Frontier Clone.
    I wonder what are the idiots that developed this idea thinking. WHat is wrong with the Nissan Frontier? WHY would one need to bother to develop a stupid, no support, low-selling Suzuki that is a carbon copy of it?