• geoff thomas Posted: 8/11/2008 12:45pm PDT

    typically, ford has done little to advertise any of the 500/Taurus models-
    I have a Mercury Montego- 43K and it is a good car- shame to see them cut the potential winners .....

  • Luc Posted: 8/11/2008 2:38pm PDT

    That is a shame. The Taurus X is one of the best 7 passenger vehicle on the road right now. It's got great power with the new 3.5 engine and great 6 speed transmission, seven comfortable/great visibility at all positions because of it's opera style seating. I was a Ford Dealer and have had the Freestyle AWD as a demo for 9 months in all conditions ( lots of rain, extreme snow storms and ice conditions) and have also driven the Taurus X and can hence talk in confidence about this vehicle. It's the best family demo I've ever driven and have been a Ford dealer for 19 years. The only weakness for my personal needs as I am an avid camper/boater is the 1000 pound towing capacity which the Flex fixes. In this market which screams for fuel efficent vehicles, the Taurus X has a better "look" as it looks less "square". Lots of purchases are made on looks more that reality. So if the same advertising budget had been given the the Freestyle/Taurus X as will be for the Edge, the need for the Flex development would could have been avoided altogether. That opportunity having been missed, as you can only launch a vehicle efficiently once, the Taurus X might indeed be on a tight rope. Hope the Flex's square look won't have too much "mental" effects and hence hamper the success of that line of vehicle which I have not driven yet.
    All the best to your great web magazine's staff which I really appreciate daily. Keep on the great work!

  • JKD Posted: 8/11/2008 3:24pm PDT

    I like the Taurus X but I think (and I voted with my money) that vans are more practical. The new and thirsty Flex just doesn't make ANY sense at this point but shooting themselves in the foot is what Detroit does well. It should be an olympic sport. 4x100m relay, baby!!!