• dirk Posted: 9/16/2008 2:25pm PDT

    The 2009 A4 is not a cheap car. The premium package is not comparable to the previous car. If you want the same features you have to purchase the premium plus package for an additional $ 4000 ( O.K. you also get the Xenon lights on top ). On top Audi charges $ 825 destination charge which is included at Mercedes for example.
    Ordered a new Avant anyway ( got a fair trade in price for my 2004 model ) but feel I paid too much money for the new car. The car is popular right now and if you trade in there is not much more than the free maintanance program ( $675 value ) you can negotiate ( incuded at BMW for free ).
    guess the car is popular right now so negotiate a firm delivery date. otherwise you might wait after signing the contract ( still waiting for my car )