• Autocar Posted: 11/7/2008 4:36am PST

    "I believe there is a Mistake in the Article as GM has the Ecotec 4 Cyl and I believe Ford is calling there new line up of Engines Eco Boost. I say long live the V8, with Technology Cylinders can be deactivated."
    agree with .....

  • Autocar Posted: 11/7/2008 4:34am PST

    agree with Jim......

  • Franklin Barfield Posted: 9/24/2008 12:04am PDT

    So many contributors to the demise of the American auto industry few of which are self-inflicted but imposed by an out of control all-consuming over-regulating government. There is now an attack upon the aftermarket.
    Most auto magazines are as guilty as the others for allowing this to come to fruition without argument, in fact goading this on with complaints about trucks not performing like cars and cars not all being like that produced by the Germans or Japanese or too heavy or too fast or too whatever the complaint is.
    I hate performance auto magazines covering trucks and then complaining that trucks don't handle or ride like cars. Everybody has a reason for their purchases. I for instance refuse to put myself or my family in these tiny tissue paper cars which cannot survive a serious accident.
    No amount of engineering can overcome the lack of mass when colliding with a truck or stationary object at a moderate speed. Every bad accident I've seen with whatever small car you can name sold in the US yields fatalities. I spend most of my day driving either at work or driving to or from work. Small ain't safe but I have no problem with people driving whatever they choose. However the reverse is not also true. Mercedes may be heavy but they are safe.
    Often vehicle purchases are a compromise. Choice is a good thing except to these elites who think they know whats better for the consumer than the consumer. Rather than enjoying the wide range of vehicles choices available to American consumers. Now all product is being reduced to serve a narrow slice of usage due to a contrived fuel crisis. And sister industries are seemingly doomed as well. I hope not. I'm 52 and I want to be able to own and drive a Corvette ZR1 when I grow up!

  • William Rex Posted: 9/14/2008 10:10pm PDT

    People are shifting towards more efficient cars, hell just look at this:
    BMW and Porsche...
    Bigger engines will still sell, not not to the masses.

  • willy j Posted: 8/7/2008 12:03am PDT

    JUST gotta "LOVE" the fanatics that get them self's!, installed at major corporations!.
    As if there is some urgent need to, train the consumer base?. It has taken, nearly a Hundred years [give or take a few]. Too !; figure; the consumer into there BOTTOM line[ effectively ]!. The late fifties, trailing off into the seventies, then just dropping off the map[ in the eighties]. As to how; "LEAD FOOTED", HOTRODS, go fast buggies!. WOULD draw the largest! [CURIO SEEKERS] crowds, of consumer's with money to spare [easy credit available].
    AUDI!: along with all of there European! [kissing cousin's]; are so seriously [TIRED OLD DOGS]! that never want, too adapt to the American market place!. So therefore: ** DESTROY IT* ![american auto market]. Than blame the consumer!; whom had no say so what so ever!. In "'DETROIT'S" RACE for the ┬┤HIGHEST PROFIT┬┤ MARGINS!.
    NICHE markets: [??] how much more can I get for this thing [V-8}!. If I make; the consumer[s] whom buy one [v-8], like they are an, escapee from , some home for the criminally insane. Can't wait for the background, video to the tune of sly stone [ I wanna take you higher] ""PRICE Wise", that is!.
    The OTHER; world powers that be, Obviously, do not want to RECOGNIZE, the significant , engineering inroads, accomplished by american engineers. The V-8 is still [and more so now] a very viable, and useful "Platform' [design] to employee , in propelling Americans, down the high ways [cars & truck based]!.

  • Jim F Posted: 8/2/2008 5:26pm PDT

    If "nothing is more symbolic of America?s love affair with the automobile", then why is that an AUDI V-8 in the picture? Whassamatter, couldn't get a Caddy STS V-8 pic?
    10 demerits!

  • Paul Posted: 8/2/2008 5:11pm PDT

    Right you are, Jim. Thanks for the eagle eyes. I will take ten demerits! And the error has been corrected.
    Paul E.

  • Jim Posted: 8/2/2008 2:24am PDT

    I believe there is a Mistake in the Article as GM has the Ecotec 4 Cyl and I believe Ford is calling there new line up of Engines Eco Boost. I say long live the V8, with Technology Cylinders can be deactivated.