• Laura Kirwan Posted: 11/14/2010 5:09am PST

    Hi=) I have a Ford Fiesta in the Vision Blue, 3door hatchback with the spoiler as an add on and I love her, her names bubbles ha, she drives so smoothly and the steering is fantastic and light, sound system in her is great, very quiet driven car, the wipers when on you can't hear them at all, It's a very comfortable car to drive the front seats kinda hug you when your in them, and the car heats up within seconds, I find it fairly fast as well, controllable on the road as in she wouldn't spin out on a corner at speed, She's also sporty looking which would appeal to a young crowd. I think the new Fiesta is a great car and great value at around €16,500 and with scrappage around €12,100.